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Channel your inner Indiana Jones on a luxurious Peruvian expedition snaking along the world's most breathtaking river...
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Realise your cowgirl fantasies on a trek into the deserts of Palm Springs

Just outside the kitsch Californian town of Palm Springs is a vast expanse of desert, just made for making cowgirl fantasies come true, finds Laura Millar… The wooden sign swinging in the breeze proclaims I’m at Smoketree Stables, just a short drive south of Palm Springs. Beyond the Western-movie-set compound of wooden buildings, stables, saddles hung on fences, and practice arenas sprawls the vast, rocky landscape of the Indian Canyons, carpeted in green and brown scrub, and peppered with the

Escape: Exploring Hawaii’s nature, culture, and regal past…

‘YOU’LL see him again in about 15 minutes,’ laughs my guide, Nathan, as we head towards the ancient, hulking volcanic crater that is Diamond Head, one of Honolulu’s best-known features. It’s 6.30am, the languid heat is already beginning to sear the sky, and a lean, tanned, fifty-something man in tight shorts and an even tighter vest has apparently just summited the rock at a sprint and raced back down.
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